the come up.


Philly born Emcee/ Singer/ Songwriter Bri Steves was an only child to a single mother.  Her mother would become her 1st example of how to be focused and go get it!  As she is now known to rock the hashtag #PrettyGirlWorkHard! 

    Though Bri would leave Philly for Wilmington, Delaware at a young age she would return to Philly as a Temple student.  While in college and already a lover of music from Marvin Gaye to J. Cole, Bri would find her true calling in the Music immersed in 16s, finding the flow and riding the beat.  Falling in love with HipHop isn’t a new story but she is its newest Muse.  

    Bri would make a statement online with her remix of Bryson Tiller’s “Don’t” and the Philly Scene with the DJ Jazzy Jeff cosigned “Summer’s Mine” a girls anthem & fun new take on the DJ JAZZY JEFF & THE FRESH PRINCE classic “Summertime”. Her response to Chance the Rapper”s #SoGoneChallenge would also go viral!  

    Now armed with an undeniable voice, an unstoppable drive, and a honest and yet slick pen game this young emcee/singer brings a new flow to the game that’s still throwback to some of our favorites from the 90s. The future is wide open for this student of the game.  From recording her own projects in her home studio to rocking out on stages all over Philly and the tristate. Bri is building her reputation for crushing stages with a bold and complete show along with her hiphop sister & partner in crime DJ HVNLEE! Gaining fans with every honest lyric and transparent performance. 

    The image, a balance of around the way girl, sexy tomboy, with hints back to a young Lauryn & MC Lyte compliment a sound that borrows from the 90s but embraces the hybrid sounds you hear from new wordsmiths in the game like Tory Lanez, Bryson Tiller, Drake, Dej Loaf, & Dreezy.  Also influenced by soulful but current HipHop legendsin the making like Kanye, J. Cole, & Kendrick. Bri Steves is out to become the next great chapter in Hiphop & Alternative R&B. Find her all over social media at @BriSteves #PrettyGirlWorkHard!


DJ HVNLee and Bri Steves